How to Set Up a Grocery Shopping Service For Seniors

With almost 40 million retired people now over 65 and expanding by 10,000 per day, the need for senior service businesses is increasing dramatically. One of the most popular senior services is a grocery buying service. Many seniors are homebound because of health or medical conditions or unable to drive. They need assistance with everyday errands, like shopping for groceries.

Combine that with the results of a recent national survey that found 60 % of consumers rated grocery shopping as one of the two least-liked chores, and you’ve got the recipe for an ideal business. Still, who wishes to wait in long lines or tackle congested stores and parking lots when you can just pick up the phone and have someone do it for you. That’s why a grocery shopping business offers a valuable service to senior citizens or anyone short on time.

As long as you have a reliable vehicle with room for groceries, a cell phone and a personal computer for emails, the cost of starting a grocery shopping service is almost zero – just a few dollars for flyers and business cards to let potential customers know about your business.

Megan Ross began a grocery shopping service for seniors in the Seattle area five years ago as a part of her senior errand service. A single mom with two kids, Megan likes the independence and freedom of providing grocery shopping and errand services for local seniors, in addition to the satisfaction of helping seniors who genuinely appreciate her. She was amazed at how fast the word spread from each satisfied client to their friends. “One day, I was running errands for 3 seniors, and within a month, there were 32! And they all say they do don’t know how they got on before they found me.”

Here are a few suggestions for starting your own grocery shopping service:

1. Use a simple grocery shopping agreement to describe the details, such as the cost of each trip, how to order, reimbursement, where to put groceries if client is not home et cetera. You’ll find a complete agreement in the forms section of How to Start a Profitable Senior Errand Service.

2. Pass out a several copies of a simple list to each client, divided into the sections found at most supermarkets, including produce, baked goods, meat, breakfast cereals, dairy, frozen foods, etc.. This makes it easier for them to remember all the items they want you to shop for.

3. Put in the time to sit down with each new client before the first shopping trip to discuss personal preferences, such as brands, sizes and other details. Take notes, and keep this information handy when you’re shopping.

4. Put together a supply of re-useable shopping bags in different colors so, when you are shopping for several clients at one time, each client’s groceries are color-coded to prevent mix-ups.

5. Buy each client’s groceries separately and get a duplicate receipt – one for the client and one for your records.

6. Carry your cell phone on every trip so you can call a client if an item on their list is not available, or not the size or brand they prefer, or not within their budget. After a while, you’ll have a good idea of each client’s personal preferences.

7. Be firm about extra charges. Your time is income, and you do don’t have to wast it running from store to store to please a picky customer. If you ca can’t get an item at your regular store, charge for the extra time to go elsewhere.

8. Have a printed rate card so your clients know what the cost of a shopping trip will be. The most common is a basic fee to cover your vehicle expenses, $ 8 – $ 12 per order, for example, plus a commission on the order total. A 15 % commission is typical.

9. Count on carrying a large cooler so cold or frozen foods stay that way until you reach the client’s home. Confirm someone will be there to put the groceries away, or have your client make other arrangements, like a hidden key or a neighbor. It’s ideal to have a client home when you arrive with the groceries, as you’ll also want to get paid.

Starting a grocery shopping service, especially when combined with a senior errand service, might be your ticket to a moneymaking part-time or full-time business with a low start-up cost and flexible hours. To learn more, read How to Start a Start a Profitable Senior Errand Service, available at: There, you can also sign up for a free mini-course to help you start your own service.


Earn Extra Cash Running Errands For Seniors

Errand SERVICE Business

Errand Service Business

We could all most likely make use of some added cash. It ‘d be helpful to have a little more money every month, maybe put some away for retirement, or that vacation you’ve been putting off for years. Yet how are you going to get it? You would not mind taking another job, yet you do not wish something that’s going to include lengthy hours for a small paycheck. You also want a job having a flexible routine. So what can you do? Simple, start a senior errand service.

Countless individuals love running errands for retired people, since not only are able to you make a good income, yet you’re helping people in the process. Often senior citizens are homebound and unable to do errands like getting groceries, picking up dry cleaning, or taking their puppy on a walk. That’s where you can be found. As an errand runner you perform ordinary errands on a daily basis. It’s the perfect method to put a smile on a senior’s face and some hard earned cash in your pocket.

So exactly how much hard earned cash are we discussing here? Errand runners typically make between $ 18 and $ 35 an hour. The nationwide average is $ 25 an hour. If you work an eight-hour day, that implies you may make $ 200 a day, $ 1000 a week, and $ 50,000 a year. And remember, you undoubtedly run errands daily, but this time you’re going to get paid to do it. Well paid too.

As the manager of your own errand running business, you’re in charge. You choose just how much you wish to charge and when you would like to work. You also determine just how much you prefer to work. You’re the boss. It’s up to you. Maybe you have a full-time job already. Maybe you have a family who demands a lot of attention. As an errand runner you can make your routine work for you.

It’s the perfect method to make extra cash, or start a new full-time job. Wouldn’t that be helpful, leaving the 9 to 5 rat race behind? Being your own supervisor? Running errands is not a get-rich-quick system. It doesn’t promise millions of bucks. But it can easily be an practical way to make some extra cash or even begin a new career. As an errand runner, you ease the stress on seniors while bringing in a good income. To learn more, read How to Start a Profitable Senior Errand Service, the brand-new guide to this rewarding part-time or full-time business. You ‘ll find it at: There, you are also able to register for a free mini-course covering the essentials of starting an errand service company.